1. GoDaddy advocates faster digital adoption for Indian SMEs

    Designed to equip web professionals and resellers to help SMBs get online

    GoDaddy announced the launch of a new national campaign that raises awareness on the benefits for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to work together with web professionals and resellers to build a powerful online presence. 

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  2. Making ‘Think Digital’ a part of your Employee DNA

    Shifting focus on getting the machines and humans to work together, continually coexisting and co-creating, businesses will start bringing changes to where they invest, who they attract, what they patent and how they develop competencies that outperform competitors.

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  3. Emerging Cyber Security Challenges – New Threat Landscape

    Cyber Security Challenges have increased manifold & there is paradigm shift in Threat Landscape. In spite of substantial spending on legacy security products, advanced attackers are bypassing these defenses easily making the life of Security Professional miserable.

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  4. SMEs need the right “digital partner” to unlock opportunities and conquer new frontiers in tech

    Despite an impressive growth trajectory and positive rhetoric, the journey toward digitisation of SMEs is not devoid of barriers. Key challenges such as limited budgets and a shortage of skilled human resource to manage in-house technology limits the adoption of advanced digital tools by these companies.

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  5. Looking at 2018 from the Eyes of the Indian CIO

    Digital Transformations will be continuous agenda for Enterprises in 2018 as we take a look at the year gone by, challenges faced, technology plans, projects and expectations from partners and vendors in 2018 for the Indian CIO.

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  6. Plan and Evaluate Your Cloud Journey Carefully

    To compete and thrive in the face the market challenges, organizations need to embrace Digital Reinvention. Over the past two decades, businesses have worked through a digital Maturation. As digital technologies emerged, companies progressively digitized processes and functions as they transitioned from analog to digital.

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  7. How containerization is influencing the future of Cloud Computing

    In today’s challenging environment and tight economies which of the CIOs would not like to deploy a software that reduces the cost and complexity of implementing mission-critical Windows and Linux applications like SQL Server to do better things in their organization with their time and IT Budget.

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  8. Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory: Digital Transformation for Manufacturing

    Industry 4.0 is a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems/advance robotics, the Internet of things, cloud computing, 3D printing and cognitive computing. Industry 4.0 creates what has been called a “Smart factory”.

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