Frequently Asked Questions for Corporate IT Procurement

5 Your Corpkart Account

​Your account page keeps record of all your transactions.
With password protected login you have access to you account, order history and shipping methods.
You can create up to ​4​ Ids for order creation and up to ​2 ​IDs for order approval. ​
Name and contact details of your account manager appear on the bottom ​left ​corner of your account page once you log in.
​Yes, payment can also be made by a Cheque. ​

4 Shopping

Yes you can, this depends on your internal organisational policies and nature of the business. However we suggest that you open a separate account for personal procurement if you would like to keep accounts separate. We will be able to offer available corporate discounts for personal procurement.
Yes you can pay with a credit card, debit card, net banking and other payment methods. ​Customers with approved credit can avail ​payment terms as well, where they can pay with cheque or bank transfer.
​Yes, you can place an order online using the cart and one of the payment options. Orders will be shipped within stipulated time.
​Corpkart is specifically targeted at ​corporate customers. Unique features like GST invoicing, multi location deliveries and multi tier order approval process meets the requirement of business buyers. Request to ​Q​uote feature allows corporate customers to seek volume discounts and customized configurations. ​Corpkart also offers standard credit terms to qualified corporate customers. ​

11 Orders and Quote

​It is a key feature of Corpkart that allows deliveries at multiple locations, ​​You can create multiple shipping addresses.
​Yes you can, please call your account manager. However Corpkart prefers that you select the products online and ​​use ​​add to Quote​ feature​. Your designated account manager will then work with you to help place an order as per your procurement process.
You can track your order at your ​acc​ount page.
Dep​ending upon the products​,​ Corpkart will take from 2-5 working days ​​to deliver​, once the order is placed.
For large requirements and where the nature of the product allows a live demo, Corpkart ​​will be able to arrange a demo for the selected products for you to make an informed decision. Please ​use add​ to​ Quote ​feature ​and ask for a demo. Your designated account manager will be in touch with you.
Yes, you can set up a meeting through your account manager and meet ​senior management and product specialists at Corpkart.
​Corpkart system is designed to work with the purchasing systems of the corporate customers. You can set up a account and then upload PO from you ERP system.
​Yes, All products sold by Corpkart carry stipulated OEM warranty.​
Corpkart sells only 100% Genuine and new products from leading OEMs with full warranty.
​We can help secure better pricing for large volume orders.​ ​Please ​use add to ​quote​ feature​ and share the quantity and other requirements. ​Corpkart will work with OEMs directly to secure best available pricing​.​
​Please use ​add​ to​ quote feature ​​and add your comments to the quote seeking the required changes in configuration or products., We will be in touch with you with the same working day. ​​You can also use leave a message on the chat window or contact your designated account manager. ​

3 Rental and Leasing

Yes, Corpkart takes pride in its ability to manage complete Asset life cycle. We are able to buy your old equipment at attractive prices and offer new replacement products.
Leasing is one of the popular modes of equipping your business with latest IT infrastructure. Corpkart works with partners to arrange IT equipment ​on lease on attractive terms. Please share details or call your account manager with your requirements now.
Yes, Corpkart does offer a range of​ IT​ equipment on rent. Please share your requirements.

6 Services

​Yes, please specify the requirements. Corpkart can arrange Duty Free invoicing if your organization qualifies for the same. ​
Yes, for large implementations we position on site engineers to meet defined service level agreements.
Yes, Please contact your account manager. ​We will ​arrange for a on site review of your IT assets and warranty status of different equipment. This will allow us to ​provide​ a​comprehensive quote ​for Annual Maintenance Contract for your IT assets
Various OEMs offer extended warranty packages which are sold as add ons by Corpkart. ​We also sell warranty upgrades wherever offerred by OEMs. ​
​Yes, wherever nature of the product requires ​installation and data migration​ and where it is part of the order​, Corpkart specialists will carry out required installation/migration services.
All products shipped by Corpkart will have requisite information as how to avail warranty from OEMs. In case you face any problems in availing warranty directly you can approach Corpkart using online account ​page which will have the details of the products shipped to you. Corpkart customer support team ​then ​will arrange the warranty service from the OEMs.

2 Customer Service

Please call or leave us a message, we are available from 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday​. For urgent requirements you can leave a message during non working hours , we will try to reach out to you at the earliest.

Please let us know by way of email, chat or a phone call [ Contact] . We will respond and attend to it within the same working day.

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