FAQ on IT Life Cycle & Related Services by Corpkart


​Yes, please specify the requirements. Corpkart can arrange Duty Free invoicing if your organization qualifies for the same. ​
Yes, for large implementations we position on site engineers to meet defined service level agreements.
Yes, Please contact your account manager. ​We will ​arrange for a on site review of your IT assets and warranty status of different equipment. This will allow us to ​provide​ a​comprehensive quote ​for Annual Maintenance Contract for your IT assets
Various OEMs offer extended warranty packages which are sold as add ons by Corpkart. ​We also sell warranty upgrades wherever offerred by OEMs. ​
​Yes, wherever nature of the product requires ​installation and data migration​ and where it is part of the order​, Corpkart specialists will carry out required installation/migration services.
All products shipped by Corpkart will have requisite information as how to avail warranty from OEMs. In case you face any problems in availing warranty directly you can approach Corpkart using online account ​page which will have the details of the products shipped to you. Corpkart customer support team ​then ​will arrange the warranty service from the OEMs.