FAQ Online Shopping or Custom Quote Request on Corpkart


Yes you can, this depends on your internal organisational policies and nature of the business. However we suggest that you open a separate account for personal procurement if you would like to keep accounts separate. We will be able to offer available corporate discounts for personal procurement.
Yes you can pay with a credit card, debit card, net banking and other payment methods. ​Customers with approved credit can avail ​payment terms as well, where they can pay with cheque or bank transfer.
​Yes, you can place an order online using the cart and one of the payment options. Orders will be shipped within stipulated time.
​Corpkart is specifically targeted at ​corporate customers. Unique features like GST invoicing, multi location deliveries and multi tier order approval process meets the requirement of business buyers. Request to ​Q​uote feature allows corporate customers to seek volume discounts and customized configurations. ​Corpkart also offers standard credit terms to qualified corporate customers. ​