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Businesses around the world prefer to lease their equipment and infrastructure requirements. According to the US small business administration 85% of businesses lease their equipment. The prime reasons businesses choose to lease are better cashflow, tax deductability, and keeping pace with latest technology. Leasing model unlocks endless possibilities by eliminating the roadblocks that limit transformation. It allows IT executives to acquire exactly what they need, when they need it, where they need it.

equipment up to date

keep your equipment up-to-date

monthly expenses

predictable monthly expenses

nothing upfront.png

nothing up front

upgrade equipment.png

possible to easily upgrade equipment once a lease expires.

Finding the right lender, the best finance structure and putting together a complete equipment finance package takes knowledge and experience. We have years of industry experience, and always look at the bigger picture: risk, cash-flow requirements, business structure, tax issues, residual values and more.


A wide range of lenders and finance structures, ensuring you find the best fit for your business.

Fast and professional service.


Unbiased service.


We compare options for you and do all the hard work of presenting your application to the chosen lender.

When you're ready to free yourself from tax depreciation schedules or multi-year commitments that define technology refresh cycles, it's time to call CORPKART. Write to us at

CORPKART is one of the most promising upcoming short term technology rental company.

ecoupled with robust performance

Coupled with robust performances we provide flexibility and reliable stability in our services

product selection

Our depth of product selection and exceptional service throughout the computer renting experience make the difference.

short period of time.png

If you need computer equipment for a short period of time, renting can be a more sensible option.


It offers flexibility and access to the latest technology without the upfront investment.

helping do your business.png

helping you to do your business with ease and without interruption.

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