1. Hyperconvergence - The Next Gen Infrastructure Solution

    Hyperconvergence - The Next Gen Infrastructure Solution

    There were times when integrated architectures were taking a toll on the corporate infrastructure systems. This led to the existence of a converged infrastructure which concentrates more on the server and the storage space, leaving behind data issues which made the infrastructure services even more complicated. To overcome the potential challenges in CI, there came the birth of hyperconverged architecture which replaced many silo data centers by means of its scalability and agility.

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    While many of the problems that caused CIOs to lose sleep are no longer issues, it is essential for CIOs to turn their expertise both to answering business questions and maintaining an infrastructure that can withstand the technical challenges that every organization is now likely to face.

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  3. How chatbots are changing the customer service business

    Since the cost of introducing chatbots and making them efficient over a period of time are declining, along with increases in significant potential benefits, a largely automated customer service experience is not far from reality.

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  4. Transformation of the Enterprise CIO

    The opportunity and challenge for the CIO today is all about agility. The CIO is necessitated to don many hats – Operator, Technologist, Strategist and Catalyst – in order to drive values in a way which business-oriented colleagues can understand.

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  5. Looking at 2018 from the Eyes of the Indian CIO

    Digital Transformations will be continuous agenda for Enterprises in 2018 as we take a look at the year gone by, challenges faced, technology plans, projects and expectations from partners and vendors in 2018 for the Indian CIO.

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