Cloud Computing

  1. How Secure is Your Data on Cloud?

    Cloud computing has been a boon to today’s IT world as it has helped different categories of business soar high. Let it be IT, pharma, banking or operations, cloud computing has reached its height everywhere turning the existence of bespoke applications a tiny one. Hosting your system is no more a challenge these days due to different levels of computing like Software as Service (SaaS), Platform as Service (PaaS) , Infrastructure as Service (IaaS) and Storage as Service (StaS) and deployment models (private, public, hybrid and community).

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  2. Hyperconvergence - The Next Gen Infrastructure Solution

    Hyperconvergence - The Next Gen Infrastructure Solution

    There were times when integrated architectures were taking a toll on the corporate infrastructure systems. This led to the existence of a converged infrastructure which concentrates more on the server and the storage space, leaving behind data issues which made the infrastructure services even more complicated. To overcome the potential challenges in CI, there came the birth of hyperconverged architecture which replaced many silo data centers by means of its scalability and agility.

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  3. How containerization is influencing the future of Cloud Computing

    In today’s challenging environment and tight economies which of the CIOs would not like to deploy a software that reduces the cost and complexity of implementing mission-critical Windows and Linux applications like SQL Server to do better things in their organization with their time and IT Budget.

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  4. Plan and Evaluate Your Cloud Journey Carefully

    To compete and thrive in the face the market challenges, organizations need to embrace Digital Reinvention. Over the past two decades, businesses have worked through a digital Maturation. As digital technologies emerged, companies progressively digitized processes and functions as they transitioned from analog to digital.

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