Digital Adoption

  1. Why Businesses Should Go for a Curated List of Laptops and Desktops

    When startups, small businesses, or enterprises search for laptops, they are often at crossroads. As soon as they find and click on a suitable laptop for sale online, a never-ending list of products emerges. From the first page to the 15th page of IT hardware, business owners spend hours and hours to settle for an option but they are only left confused in the end.
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  2. Hyperconvergence - The Next Gen Infrastructure Solution

    Hyperconvergence - The Next Gen Infrastructure Solution

    There were times when integrated architectures were taking a toll on the corporate infrastructure systems. This led to the existence of a converged infrastructure which concentrates more on the server and the storage space, leaving behind data issues which made the infrastructure services even more complicated. To overcome the potential challenges in CI, there came the birth of hyperconverged architecture which replaced many silo data centers by means of its scalability and agility.

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  3. GoDaddy advocates faster digital adoption for Indian SMEs

    Designed to equip web professionals and resellers to help SMBs get online

    GoDaddy announced the launch of a new national campaign that raises awareness on the benefits for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to work together with web professionals and resellers to build a powerful online presence. 

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