Digital Transofrmation

  1. Learning from Europe’s Digital Revolution of the Auto Industry

    Rapid adoption and implementation of Industry 4.0 in the European Auto Industry has resulted in emergence of new value chains, new policy regulations, a shift in consumer attitudes and a rapid change in technology experienced in the industry. 

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  2. Enabling Digital Transformation for the IT Sector

    A lot has been said about digital transformation, with varying opinions on what it truly means and why enterprises should care about it to drive business value. Digital transformation is nothing but a comprehensive change in attitude that enables businesses to remain relevant and competitive by keeping up with the fast-changing industry landscape, 

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  3. GoDaddy advocates faster digital adoption for Indian SMEs

    Designed to equip web professionals and resellers to help SMBs get online

    GoDaddy announced the launch of a new national campaign that raises awareness on the benefits for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to work together with web professionals and resellers to build a powerful online presence. 

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  4. Making ‘Think Digital’ a part of your Employee DNA

    Shifting focus on getting the machines and humans to work together, continually coexisting and co-creating, businesses will start bringing changes to where they invest, who they attract, what they patent and how they develop competencies that outperform competitors.

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