Small-Medium Businesses

  1. The Best Business Desktops in 2019 Under Rs. 35,000

    If you have a business in India, finding affordable business desktops with the best value for money is a tough quest. This is why we have performed all this research to save your time. We compiled a list of the best desktops that come under Rs. 35,000.
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  2. How Do Business PCs Differ from Consumer PCs?

    When it comes to computers, you have to choose between a personal PC and an office one. At first glance, both of these PC types may appear similar due to some similarities in the specifications. However, there are significant differences between both of them.
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  3. Why Businesses Should Go for a Curated List of Laptops and Desktops

    When startups, small businesses, or enterprises search for laptops, they are often at crossroads. As soon as they find and click on a suitable laptop for sale online, a never-ending list of products emerges. From the first page to the 15th page of IT hardware, business owners spend hours and hours to settle for an option but they are only left confused in the end.
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  4. Tips on Starting a Business without Huge Infrastructure Overheads

    During the first few years of launching a business in India, you’re likely to incur several overheads and make minimal profits. Maybe, your business is going well but you want to “pay less for more.”
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  5. Laptop Buying Guide for Small Businesses

    Research from the IDC India shows that laptop sales in the country have grown by more than 80% since 2006. A major reason behind this demand is the dependence of businesses on laptops. According to a study, 97% of Indian businesses need laptops to manage their operations. Due to tight budgeting, it is necessary for small businesses to get the right laptop. If you plan to launch a startup or if you manage a small business, the following laptop buying guide for small businesses can help you.
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  6. Add wings to your startup : Get best deals for IT Hardware

    As an entrepreneur, Corpkart is a name that can change the dynamics of your business. Corpkart is the first online company in India that provides IT solutions, services, and products—hardware and software both—to a wide range of customers. These solutions help businesses to manage their daily business processes and fulfill requirements for collaboration, cloud, security, mobility, etc. Corpkart envisions a future where it can ease up IT procurement in India and become the leading IT management platform in India.

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  7. SubscribeIT Infrastructure is Better than Buying – Here’s Why

    It was not too long ago that businesses used to purchase the software outright and it was theirs to keep forever. However, now many software vendors, such as Adobe and Microsoft, are offering businesses an opportunity to rent the software instead of buying them outright. It is now easy for business customers to meet the demands of their end-user computing needs with a subscription model that is not only flexible but also efficient and scalable. IT infrastructure services are available on subscription and this has been a turning point for many businesses, big and small.

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  8. GoDaddy advocates faster digital adoption for Indian SMEs

    Designed to equip web professionals and resellers to help SMBs get online

    GoDaddy announced the launch of a new national campaign that raises awareness on the benefits for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to work together with web professionals and resellers to build a powerful online presence. 

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  9. SMEs need the right “digital partner” to unlock opportunities and conquer new frontiers in tech

    Despite an impressive growth trajectory and positive rhetoric, the journey toward digitisation of SMEs is not devoid of barriers. Key challenges such as limited budgets and a shortage of skilled human resource to manage in-house technology limits the adoption of advanced digital tools by these companies.

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  10. Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory: Digital Transformation for Manufacturing

    Industry 4.0 is a name for the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. It includes cyber-physical systems/advance robotics, the Internet of things, cloud computing, 3D printing and cognitive computing. Industry 4.0 creates what has been called a “Smart factory”.

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