Laptop Buying Guide for Small Businesses

Research from the IDC India shows that laptop sales in the country have grown by more than 80% since 2006. A significant reason behind this demand is the dependence of businesses on laptops. According to a study, 97% of Indian companies need laptops to manage their operations.

Due to tight budgeting, small businesses must get the right laptop. If you plan to launch a startup or if you manage a small business, the following laptop buying guide for small businesses can help you.

Decide on a Budget

To begin with, you have to set a fixed budget, so you don’t end up under or overspending. One standard tech budgeting strategy is to select a laptop brand and assign one of its series to suitable positions in the company. For instance, if you have decided to use Dell laptops exclusively, you can purchase the most expensive laptops (such as XPS or 7000 series) for the senior management and developers. For the professional staff, midrange Dell laptops (5000 Series) are good to go while entry-level Dell series (such as 3000 series) can serve the computing needs of the support staff.

Pick the Best Value for Money Laptop

To get the best value for money, you must know how to strike the best balance between a laptop’s quality and cost. Consider the following scenarios.

I can spend Rs 30,000 per laptop.

In the Rs. 30,000 range, you are most likely to get Ubuntu-based Laptops with up to i3 processors and 1 Year warranty. While this range is an excellent budget option for businesses using basic browsing, email, and office /powerpoint word, you cannot risk the operations of your most critical tasks to run on this range series.

I can spend Rs. 30,000 to 40,000 per laptop.

In this range, you can begin to get good deals on mid-range laptops. These laptops are satisfactory in terms of display, storage, performance, and other functionalities. Go for a laptop in this range if you need a dependable machine on which your staff can perform all the essential business tasks, such as working on Microsoft Excel to perform calculations or browsing the internet for research purposes. You should be able to get i3 laptops with preloaded Windows 10 Professional 4Gb RAM, 500+GB HDD. You may also be able to lay hands on i5 Processor-based laptops but with Ubuntu/Dos O/S.

I can spend Rs. 40,000 to 60,000 per laptop.

In this range, you can get the right business laptop that can fulfill most of your business needs while offering formidable multitasking. These laptops contain business-class features such as high-quality displays, backlit keyboard, TPM comfortable laptops, long-lasting batteries, and fingerprint readers. This range a typical specification available shall be i5 processors, Preloaded Windows 10 Professional O/S, 4Gb RAM, 1Tb HDD andP3 years warranty with Accidental Damage Protection

I can spend more than Rs. 70,000 per laptop.

For Rs. 70,000 or more, you can purchase the best: .i.e. a laptop that not only addresses all types of business computing requirements but can also execute scientific computing or high-level computing where you need the best CPU and GPU performance. Light laptops range with 12” screen, i5 and i7 processors, sleek designs with SSD hard disks drives, all fall in this category.

Now that you have a strategy to purchase laptops for small businesses, you can check some of the best value for money laptops in this link.

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