Add wings to your startup : Get best deals for IT Hardware

As an entrepreneur, Corpkart is a name that can change the dynamics of your business. Corpkart is the first online company in India that provides IT solutions, services, and products—hardware and software both—to a wide range of customers. These solutions help businesses to manage their daily business processes and fulfill requirements for collaboration, cloud, security, mobility, etc. Corpkart envisions a future where it can ease up IT procurement in India and become the leading IT management platform in India.


The talent pool in India is second to none; there are many promising individuals who come up with detailed proposals on how to use technology for the better. However, as they confidently start their venture, they face the harsher realities of startups, particularly how difficult is it to procure IT equipment.

For Corpkart, your passion matters. You can partner with Corpkart to set up your IT infrastructure and automate your businesses processes with the right hardware & software solutions.

However, for new business owners, financing is a major hurdle. Often, they don’t have enough money to purchase the right equipment. Sometimes, they are even forced to rely on substandard solutions, impacting the business negatively.


Corpkart’s subscription model has solved the problems for many. It has introduced numerous deals and plans through which startups can easily procure IT equipment. Thus now, it is not going to cost an arm and leg to set up a business in India. Here is what Corpkart offers.

Rent Products

Sometimes, startups have specific IT needs in which they need a number of IT software and hardware products for a few months. This means that after purchasing them, businesses have to struggle to sell them back in the market where they are likely to get low offers.

Corpkart rents its products. This means that you can make use of its Buy Back service in which you can agree on a conditional agreement. This means that you can buy IT equipment and sell it back at a lower price after an agreed upon time. For instance, if you have to purchase 5 rack servers, costing Rs. 62,000 each, you can sell them back at Rs. 55,000 each after 3 months—you just have to negotiate properly. There is no limit on renting, whether you need monitors, printers, scanner, or any other piece of hardware, Corpkart is here to make sure that you get the value for money with extremely affordable prices.

Enterprise Customer

As a startup, you should refrain from using home-use products that an average user uses. Business-oriented technology offers exceptional power and consists of a whole new set of features and functionalities.

With Corpkart you can focus on your operations with GST invoicing. This helps customers to utilize GST credit and use commercial-grade products.

Leverage Innovation

Corpkart can help you to innovate and partner with all the prominent OEMs and also ally you with other rising startups through which you can develop cutting-edge solutions.

If you have a startup or a small business, partnering with Corpkart can change your lives for the better. Contact us so we can help you to hit succeed and expand.