How to Be Productive During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus has hit the world hard and seems to be showing zero signs of stopping. Our health infrastructures are flanked left and right as medical staff is forced to make do with lack of equipment and space for patients.

As a response, the world governments have initiated a lockdown of major city centres that served as their economic hubs. Employees are now being asked to work from home and have the nerve-wracking challenge of staying productive. A tall order given the number of endless distractions in an average home. The coronavirus doesn't have to tank your productivity; the trick is to use the right tools. Here's what we know of being productive during work from home.

1. Invest in a Desktop PC

You will be spending at least 8 hours on your Desktop PC. Any slowdowns due to lack of RAM, processing power, and lack of storage space will affect your productivity in remarkable ways. A modern desktop PC should have a minimum of a Core i3 processor (or its AMD equivalent), 4 GB of RAM for efficient multitasking, and at least 500 GB hard drive space to reliably store most of your daily applications.

Don't just settle for a 'budget' tower. The trouble with these devices is that they're extremely slow and usually developed using outdated equipment that is prone to hardware failure. We recommend investing in gear with at least one year's worth of manufacturer warranty in case of unexpected hardware failures.

2. Invest in a Laptop

Borrowing in from the same point as above, you will need a reasonably powerful laptop to become more efficient and get the most out of your time and effort. The same rule applies as above; you'll need a core i3, 4GB RAM, and 500 GB hard drive space to get things done without running in any roadblocks. At Corpkart, we have stocked up on the best combination of budget laptops for individuals running on a budget and performance-oriented laptops for individuals who need more oomph than your traditional business laptop. Here's a list of laptops you can buy.

3. Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

If you're working from home, chances are, you'll be micromanaging dozens of menus in quick succession. This distracts you from the task at hand. Instead of clicking menu after menu and dragging your mouse pointer to perform the same actions over and over again, you can, instead, leverage the power of keyboard shortcuts.

Both Windows and Linux operating systems allow users to make shortcuts to open any app. Basic commands on Windows such as "Alt+Tab" and "Ctrl+Tab" allow for easy transitioning between different tabs. Check out Microsoft's official support page for more on keyboard shortcuts.

4. Carefully Manage Your Sources of Distractions

At home, you'll be struggling to keep your impulses under control. Everything's a distraction, from the urge to check up on social media to tempting snacks in the kitchen. The best way to deal with endless distractions is to monitor your sources of distraction carefully and eliminating them one by one.

The COVID-19 pandemic may be cause for concern because the whole country has crawled to a grinding halt, but it's no reason to panic. You can still have things under control by investing in the right gear and carefully managing your work-life balance.

To help you ride through these challenging time, approach your companies to get in touch with us for corporate B2B pricing.

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