Best Budget Laptops in India 2020

Buying a new laptop is easier said than done. There are so many different components with extremely varied prices. Are you looking for a portable laptop for work or a powerful beast for computing? The endless customization options make things resoundingly confusing for the uninitiated, so to help you choose, we picked the best budget laptops for 2020 based on expert opinion.

1. Dell Latitude 3400 with Ubuntu

Thanks to its amazing battery life, extensive ports, and a choice selection for a keyboard, the Dell Latitude 3400 is an obvious contender for this list. The IPS panel has a matte finish that lures you in for longer work sessions. There’s decent power under the hood too, featuring an 8th Gen core i3 and 1 TB of storage space. While the 3400 carries some of the series’ classic problems, such as low contrast display and cheap-looking plastic sides, the entry pushes the envelope in a way that it can compete with much bigger rivals.

2. HP 240 G7

HP decided to go with a barebones approach with this laptop, coupling a very capable 7th Gen Core i3 with 4GB DDR4 memory. You won’t run into any problems running applications such as multiple Google tabs and if you’ve got the patience for low resolution gameplay, you might even be able to enjoy GTA 5 chugging along at a healthy, but subpar 30 fps. The 14-inch display comes with a sharp WLED backlit display with a resolution that goes up to 1366 * 768 pixels. The 1 TB memory houses all your important data amazingly well.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad L480 with Windows 10 Pro

The L480 doesn’t charge you a premium that flagship Lenovo models like the ThinkPadX1 Carbon do, but you are signing yourself up for a very robust travel companion with beefy components for a seamless experience. The sturdy construction and stellar keyboard is a defining feature for the L480, giving you a satisfying tactile feedback with each keystroke. Lenovo did not cut any corners with this entry.

4. Lenovo V330

This budget-friendly entry by Lenovo gives you lots of power to help you run your business. It is paired up with the reliable Coffee Lake core i3 processor and a nice 14-inch display. You also get 1 TB worth of space in an attractive, slim chassis. All in all, the Lenovo V330 should be at the top of your buying list, and it is a must-have laptop for office spaces.

5. HP 348 G5 with Windows 10 Pro

The HP 348 G5 is just your type if you’ve been waiting for a durable laptop built for security and collaboration. It comes with a super-fast 500 GB SSD that will boot you in and out of applications in a jiffy. The powerful 8th Gen Core i7 means you’ll make short work of intensive applications and still have processing capabilities to spare.

6. Dell Latitude 3400 with Core i7

This version of the Dell Latitude 3400 packs a much faster i7 core, a dedicated 2 GB graphics card from NVIDIA to run visually intensive applications, and lots of storage space with a 1 TB HDD. It’s got lots of extensive ports, a nice little keyboard to type on, and 8GB of DDR4 memory to help you seamlessly multitask.

7. HP ProBook 440 G6 with Core i7

With a large display, long battery life, and strong performance, HP’s ProBook 440 G6 is one of the best budget laptops we’ve ever tested. It boasts a slim chassis with clean edges, crisp lines, and an alluring silver finish. It’s a reliable multi-tasker that can easily transition from work to play with the click of a button.

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