Which is the Best Mobile Workstation for Indian Businesses?

Due to the rapid growth in technology, it has become increasingly difficult for businesses to find the right hardware and software. It is vital for businesses to invest in the right hardware for running their IT infrastructures and technologies. If you are a business owner in India, you should consider investing in the Dell Precision Workstations.

These machines can allow you to channel your imagination properly and convert your creativity into reality. Built around the massively powerful Dell Precision Optimizer, you can use these workstations to take your business to the next level. Here is what these workstations offer.

Dell Precision Workstations


It is hard to ignore the materials of a workstation. Precision is manufactured – both internally and externally – with premium materials such as machined aluminium. These machines offer irreplaceable performance and inventive elegance. You can use advanced features such as PremierColor and Dell Infinity Edge to improve your digital output.

Thermal Design

The precision machines use a thermal design. It helps in achieving a higher degree of performance and enhances efficiency. What’s more, is that all this raw power comes with relatively quiet operation.

Rack Workstations

Both the 1U and 2U rack stations offer secure one-on-one remote access.


You can adjust your workstation according to the requirements of your business, such as in terms of storage expandability.


Precision Workstations undergo extensive and rigorous testing. This ensures that it offers high-performance computing for daily use without any hassle.

Independent Software Vendor Certification

Most of the common independent software tools are covered by Dell’s ISV certifications.

Reliable Memory Technology Pro

All the Dell Precision Workstations are covered from any unexpected or sudden crashes due to Dell’s patented RMT (Reliable Memory Technology) Pro. It offers compatibility for ECC memory. For the prevention of crashes, it maps out faulty memory locations when the system is rebooted.

Precision Optimizer

Last, but not the least, the Dell Precision Optimizer utilizes AI for optimization. In this way, it optimizes your workstation automatically with the help of AI-based algorithms. Subsequently, it utilizes machine learning to implement measures for performance enhancements of all your applications.

Dell Precision Workstations

Which Series Is the Best for Me?

  • If you are looking for a light and thin 15’’ workstation with one eye on the budget, go for the Precision 3000 series.
  • If you want the sleekest beast without compromising on the performance, go for the Precision 5000 series.
  • If you need the 17’’ machines with the premium design and robust performance, go for the Precision 7000 series.

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What Can You Run with Dell Precision Mobile Workstations?

Some of the software and applications that you can run with these workstations are listed below.

  • Adobe products
  • Autodesk software
  • Avid software
  • Dassault Systèmes
  • EMR systems
  • Financial analysis
  • Design of complex workflow models
  • Big data analytics

If you are looking for investing in a powerful set of hardware, you cannot find anything better than the Dell Precision Mobile Workstations. Recently, Corpkart has launched the Dell Precision series in India through their online portal. Contact us, so we offer these machines at affordable wholesale prices.