Get the Best Workstations on this Diwali

Diwali – the festival of lights – is just around the corner. The occasion is a harbinger of prosperity and joy. Many businesspersons consider it as an excellent time to lay down the foundation of a startup venture or expand their organization.

If you are looking for a smart investment, consider buying workstations. Indian businesses recognize how productive, timesaving, and cost-effective software, email, and other computer-based solutions are. However, high-end software needs high-quality hardware. For this purpose, you need a workstation that can complement both your system and application software. Here are three options worth considering.

HP Z2-G4 Tower Workstation

The HP Z2-G4 is designed for all types of businesses: be it manufacturing or consultancy. The Z2-G4 is known to have the largest footprint in HP’s Z Series.

The Z2-G4 is equipped with the new Xeon workstation CPU lineup from Intel. These contain six cores, one Intel Premium Gold G5400, and iCore processors.

The Z2-G4 is different from other Z series workstations because of its larger case. If you need high-quality graphics, then Z2-G4 would serve you well. This workstation is designed to help with 3D workflows. It uses 500 watts of power for installing two GPUs, which can serve you well in designing workflows.

HP made sure that the interior in Z2-G4 is customizable so that it can assist with intensive 3D modeling workflows and product design workflows.

Dell Precision Tower 3630 Workstation

Dell claims that its Precision Tower 3630 workstation is unparalleled in terms of affordability and power. Its ergonomic design saves up space. Therefore, if you want to fit a lot of workstations in limited space, the Dell Precision Tower 3630 is the one to go for.

The latest 9th generation Xeon and Intel processors in Precision 3630 can assist you with much of your intensive computing with speed as high as 2666MHz.

Storage-wise, you can take advantage of scalable storage including PCIe NVMe SSDs, SAS, and SATA. If you have a lot of customer data, you can configure a workstation to save as much as 28 terabytes. The Optane Memory by Intel is going to ensure that the responsiveness of your system is heightened while your capacity storage expenses are kept low.

Lenovo ThinkStation P330

This tiny beast by Lenovo is ideal for those who are looking for a workstation with ISV certification in high-end environments. You can mount it as you want whether you want to position it under a desk, on a wall, or at the back of a monitor.

The combination of 16GB 2666MHz DDR4 RAM and Intel Core i7-8700 six-core processor ensures that you can run several heavy applications at once.