Top Desktops List Introduced by Corpkart

Although handheld devices like smartphones and laptops are becoming increasingly powerful, it would be an overstatement to assume they’ve overtaken desktops. Far from it, desktop computers will continue to dominate computational tasks for the foreseeable future.

Desktops don’t cut corners when it comes to delivering sheer, raw power. 1) There’s no concern for mobility since desktops sit in one place forever, and 2) they take power directly from the electrical outlet.

There’s a reason why GPUs and Intel processors consume a cumulative total of 300+ watts in terms of power usage; they’re churning out too much data. In this guide, we’ve rounded up the best business desktop PCs to buy in 2020.

We’ve broken up our series of desktops into three key areas:

1. Business; for users running enterprise applications

For users who work in an office all day long and want a capable business desktop PC to get work done in a short period. Our curated list is much more comfortable to use than a laptop, and they can be upgraded and maintained. This means you won’t have to buy a new model every couple of years.

Our list offers a lot more power for a lot less money than the best business desktops. So if you’re looking for an affordable way to fill your office with powerful machines, we recommend opting for the following best business computers.

2. Professional; for users running processor-intensive applications

Purchasing the best PC, you can afford is a difficult decision because there are multiple parts to a PC. A computer plays a vital role in your personal life. That is where our curated list of the best professional desktops comes in. Whether you’re a freelancer running an independent business or an office with fairly demanding needs, our all-in-one desktop PCs are future proof and rock the best PC components at an affordable price.

3. Platinum; for sheer raw performance

These days you need the strongest PCs that pack high-end processors and graphics cards that can accomplish just about every computing task that comes their way. The list of Platinum PCs we’ve curated offers the best value to performance ratio. They may not be at the bleeding edge of performance, but there’s plenty of power for what needs to be done.

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one desktop that will stay future proof for the next few years or a robust and reliable machine with durable PC components, the list below will give you the best PCs.

High performance costs less than you think — experience reliable products and services with CorpKart. We offer a selection of premium Desktops with the essentials you need and more. Your business deserves all that you need.

Vishal Sopory (Co-founder, CEO)

Here’s what our CEO Vishal Sopory has to say for the New Year,

“No matter what industry you choose, you will ultimately have to invest your resources in good hardware to stay future proof. Be sure that you’re ready for 2020 and beyond with capable hardware.”

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