Why Your Business Needs a Super Solution Integrator (SSI)

A typical company will come across a large number of vendors and suppliers in their lifecycle. The laundry list of software and hardware needed to run the business properly seems to get bigger with no end in sight.

For obvious reasons, this can create enormous problems for businesses since they have the gargantuan task of staying on top of all their requirements while updating each vendor with specifics relating to their hardware and software needs. The process becomes tedious and inefficient as the company grows its operations.

While it may seem cheaper at the beginning to buy several more low-cost independent tools, they will take a toll on company revenue over time due to optimization and compatibility issues. It isn’t uncommon for companies to use different applications that run into compatibility issues with each other. It makes it impossible for employees to work and improve companies bottom line effectively.

In order to remain competitive, companies need a bespoke solution that is designed for their specific circumstances, both hardware and software. This is where a ‘super solution integrator’ or SSI comes in. The idea is to have a solution developed that meets all their exact needs and integrating all their systems into one. It not only saves them money but also precious time.

Here’s how an SSI proves to be useful

SSIs enables companies to combine all their independent vendors as one whole company. More specifically, an SSI builds, deploys, and maintains solutions at scale while using cutting-edge technology. An SSI thoroughly understands the company’s business objectives and creates a technology roadmap that is aligned with company culture and policy.

Since the SSI takes care of all the different vendors in one spot, it can effectively assemble the right tools and specialized talent in one go. An SSI tests, assimilates, and launches a business’s solution while keeping it secure and functioning for the long haul.

An SSI can effectively expand your business, whether it is located in multiple office suites in one location or spread out around the country. All the solutions are maintained at scale, meaning, they meet the company’s requirements as its operations grow. The best part is that all of these solutions are in perfect synergy and harmony with each other since you are dealing with a single SSI that is well aware of your specific problems and solutions.

Why SSI is Super Effective

One of the primary reasons why SSIs are so effective is their reliance on cutting edge technology, such as cloud, security, artificial intelligence, big data, and edge computing to arrive at novel solutions that you didn’t see before.

Why You Need to Partner with an SSI

An SSI will reduce the number of external vendors you typically have to deal within a single day from many to just one. This gives you the competitive edge over other businesses since you’re able to connect different subsystems into one without losing valuable information. It makes you wiser, efficient, and more productive.

Choosing several vendors instead of one SSI is not going to be profitable as your company grows. If anything, it could be harmful to your organization due to inefficient management, wasted employee productivity, and loss of time.

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