Why Businesses Should Go for a Curated List of Laptops and Desktops

When startups, small businesses, or enterprises search for laptops, they are often at crossroads. As soon as they find and click on a suitable laptop for sale online, a never-ending list of products emerges. From the first page to the 15th page of IT hardware, business owners spend hours and hours to settle for an option but they are only left confused in the end.

In the computer hardware industry, retailers and wholesalers often believe that the more variety and models they have on their websites, the more likely it is for businesses to purchase products from them. This consumer psychology may excel in other industries, but in the IT sector, it is an ineffective practice that only adds to the woes of customers, especially small businesses on a shoestring budget.

Interestingly, an interesting observation is gaining ground that more than 80% of business needs can be achieved if these websites can carefully limit their products and only let the curated selection of their desktops and laptops to feature on the website.

For example, if a client has a budget of Rs. 40,000, and they are taken to 20 different products at the same price, then it becomes increasingly cumbersome for them to pick any of them. This is because all of their features are 95% the same. The 5% unique functionality may seem interesting on paper but mostly it does not offer any distinct advantage in the long-term. There is no point in going over the same types of products over and over again.

Corpkart’s Initiative

Corpkart’s senior management recognized how badly businesses were struggling to purchase a desktop system and laptops to power their IT infrastructure. Hence, they decided to go with a unique strategy.

With this strategy, clients no longer have to surf through countless web pages to choose computer hardware. Instead, Corpkart engaged in comprehensive research in which the business needs and usage of all types of businesses were reviewed. Thus, based on their processing and computing requirements, such as how much battery time do they need or what type of processors can work the best for them, Corpkart has designed its curated list of laptops and desktops with best 15 entries each.

To understand Corpkart’s solution, one has to assess how a common Indian business selects IT equipment. These businesses engage in extensive research before selecting any laptop or desktop to advance their business operations. Corpkart has greatly reduced these research efforts and allows you to know about the most in-demand IT equipment in the business circles.

Also the notebooks and desktops listed are the one that are readily available with shorter lead times and aggressive price points. Customers do not need to pay high prices for a small differentiator.

In this way, according to their budget, businesses can easily pick a laptop or desktop and make sure if these products contain all the features that they were looking for. Since each of these products is the best in their category, therefore businesses don’t have to look for alternatives in the same price bracket. As a result, they avoid a lot of unnecessary searches, saving a significant amount of time and get the best deal.

As expected, Corpkart’s strategy has already become a success as SMEs and large enterprises were quick to order large batches of laptops and desktops. Therefore, you cannot go wrong by trusting on this highly-researched curated list.