Curated Top Laptops List Introduced by Corpkart

The best laptop is like a portable computer that can serve as both your gaming rig and productivity workhouse. But with so many options in every category, finding the right laptop at the right price range may seem challenging. That is why we’ve stepped in to help with high-end laptops that fulfill a range of needs and budgets. Check out our list of the most cost-effective laptops to buy in 2020 without breaking the bank!

We’ve broken up our series of laptops into three key areas:

1. Business Essential

If you’ve got work to do, you’ll find out business laptops more than ideal for any processing task. They are thinner, lighter, and agile than ever before. Our business-oriented laptops have high-end features such as rugged chassis and keyboards that can withstand rough use and secure access for more durability. If you need something that’s durable, powerful, light, and capable of running through the whole day – this curated list will fill your performance needs.

2. Professional Series

Our pick of the best professional laptops of 2020 offers excellent value for money without sacrifice too much in the way of power. If you are looking for ultra-thin and transportable laptops, these are the devices you should kick off the year with. These models offer the best in terms of price to performance ratios that will not disappoint in the years to come. Our curated list of laptops can handle the latest applications while consuming the least in the way of energy.

Being powerful from the get-go is important if you want your device to be future-proof in the face of new updates and advanced software. The curated laptops below pack more than a punch.

3. Premium Series

If you are shopping for a productivity workhorse that can fit all your day to day needs, then these laptops will tip the scales in your favor. They go beyond serving simple needs like surfing the web and running Microsoft Word. These behemoths feature a larger chassis, which also means more room for a keyboard while being slightly less bulky.

Due to the sheer weight of the components, these laptops are not meant to be super portable – but you can carry them around. You may end up plugging the laptop to the wall every now and then to recharge. But that won’t be an issue throughout the day. These no-compromise laptops are light enough

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Vishal Sopory (Co-founder, CEO)

Here’s what our CEO Vishal Sopory has to say for the New Year,

“No matter what industry you choose, you will ultimately have to invest your resources in good hardware to stay future proof. Be sure that you’re ready for 2020 and beyond with capable hardware.”