Dell Latitude 7290 Review

If you need a 2-in-1 laptop for your staff, then consider having a look at the Dell Latitude 7290. These Latitude laptops power employees to work all day without slowing even for a bit.

The 7290 is a premium laptop, which means that you are providing your employees with the latest design. It is made of premium materials. It comes with a unibody design, offering a pristine and smooth exterior with top-quality structural performance. The new integration of Microsoft Precision touchpad can help you notice increased convenience while engaging in gesture controls and swiping.

The display quality of the 7290 is one to savor; it offers vivid, detailed, and naturalistic visuals. Regardless of your industry, this is a display that will make sure that your employees will enjoy using all day. Moreover, battery life is long-lasting enough to work all day without worries.

Performance-wise, you are equipped with the fastest processors around. The Dell Latitude 7290 comes with 8th generation processors and PCIe SSDs.

If you buy the 7290, then you can also take advantage of the Dell Business Dock – WD15, an excellent docking station through which you charge your devices and connect peripherals to your machine. It allows users to link to up to two HD displays using a DisplayPort, not a USB-C cable. Hence, if any of your dependable employees frequently travel due to work, then the 7290 can improve their productivity.

In terms of security, Dell has done quite well. It presents industry-leading authentication, encryption thanks to high-quality malware prevention technology and touch fingerprint reader. Additionally, the inclusion of Dell Protection makes it sure that your personal and corporate data is kept safe at all the endpoints, including self-encrypting drives, external media, and public cloud storage. Therefore, if you manage a business where you cannot afford to fall into the trap of a cyberattack, then Dell has added enough security in the 7290 to make your organizational hardware into an impenetrable fortress.

Your IT support staff is not going to have many troubles with 7290; it is more manageable than other laptops. It can assist your team in configuring BIOS and system settings with ample flexibility. This is made possible thanks to the Dell Client Command Suite free tools. Hence, if you are investing in this the Dell Latitude 7290, then deploying and monitoring it is going to better than others.

Please don’t underestimate the durability of this laptop due to its premium design. Its chassis has undergone heavy military-grade MIL-STD 810G testing. As a result, it is reliable enough to survive in all types of environments.

If you are looking for a premium laptop that excels in all departments, including design, performance, security, durability, along with offering its own flavor of exciting, unique features, then the Dell Latitude 7290 is going to satisfy your employees for extended periods. Corpkart is offering it at only ₹47,500 with GST invoicing.