Lenovo ThinkStation P330 Tower: A Review

The Lenovo ThinkStation P330 is a solid competitor that gives other high-end workstations a run for their money. It supports a wide variety of applications such as virtual reality and is perfect for big operations that involve engineering, finance, medical, science, and architecture. Equipped with the latest Intel Core i7 CPUs and GPUs, you won’t find many applications that can slow down this beast. Plus, it comes with 2666 MHz RAM, which makes it effortless to multitask between apps and allows you to fire your system on all cylinders while reducing power.

Super Fast Memory

Pairing 8GB DDR4 memory with the 1 TB HDD gives you the best of both worlds, that is, a robust system that adjusts to your computing tasks and makes everything go faster and smoother, and extremely high capacity that doesn’t sacrifice speed.

Applications like Chrome browser, games, and apps like Microsoft Outlook launch faster, and you can have multiple windows open up at the same time.

The most significant improvements compared to the predecessor generation include the Intel C246 chipset and the capable Intel UHD Graphics 630 that can provide virtual reality experiences at a low cost. More importantly, this workstation includes certification from EPAT, which makes it energy-efficient and goes a long way in reducing greenhouse gases and other pollutants.

Powerful Default Configuration

While Lenovo’s workstation is a straight-up beast in its default configuration, you will get the hyper-fast Intel Core i7 8700, up to 8 GB of 2666 MHz RAM, and 1 TB of HDDs (which can be expanded with additional HDDs and SDDs).

The size of the chassis, along with all its equipment, puts the P330’s weight at nearly 10.6 kg, which is enormous and not easy to transport. So, make sure to find a suitable spot for the P330; otherwise, you’ll find it quite challenging to move the chassis around. The Lenovo ThinkStation P330 is bulky and heavy, but that’s the price you pay for power.

Capable GPU

Thanks to the powerful Intel g, you can run pretty much any application without worrying about speed. It is possible to edit 4K videos quickly and efficiently. This video on YouTube contains a benchmark test for the graphics card across 10 visually demanding games.

The P330 is also filled up with ports, which is crucial in a workstation like this. The back of the chassis contains 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports, 2 USB 2.0 Type-A ports, 1 x RJ-45 slot, and two display ports.

This machine requires at least 280 watts of power to run most of its applications, which is extremely small for a ThinkStation of this size.

The placement of each port is just right. There’s lots of good cable management, which is only noticeable if you open up the chassis. Both CPU and GPU remain in cool temperatures throughout.

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