5 Reasons to Buy Lenovo V330 for Small Businesses

Often, startups and small businesses struggle to procure business laptops due to budgetary issues. This is why Lenovo came up with the V series under its ThinkPad lineup. Hence, by getting your hands on the Lenovo V330, you can have a powerful laptop at a low price. Here is what makes this laptop unique.

1. Excellent Visuals

The Lenovo V330 comes with a widescreen antiglare FHD display, ensuring high-quality graphics that can cater to a wide range of businesses. Get this machine if you want your graphic designers to deliver well. Since the screen can open up to 180 degrees, your staff does not need to be overly cautious; they can collaborate and share information effortlessly.

2. Ergonomics

The V330 has been designed for heavy computing. It boasts an ergonomic keyboard that scores high on the typing accuracy and comfort levels. Some laptops in this price bracket sacrificed ergonomics in favor of sleekness, which shrunk the keyboard and made it tougher to type. The V330 has smartly avoided this and offers a full-sized keyboard. Hence, if you have large hands, the V330 is not going to make you cramped up for space and help you blaze through your work.

3. Durability

For many businesses, the love for ThinkPad line stems from its durability. There is a reason why this series has developed a cult following over the years. If you were unable to purchase a ThinkPad for this reason due to pricing issues, then the V330 is the one for you.

It has been tested for durability and reliability in strenuous tests like pressure test, operating temperature test, panel scuff test, fan reliability test, hinge life test, keyboard in-system test, vibration test, and shock test.

If your working environment has seen a fair share of physical damage on laptops, then consider buying the V330; it will undoubtedly come out as a victor in grueling, rough working conditions.

4. Video Conferencing

In some cases, businesses overlook the camera capabilities of their laptops. While this oversight does not immediately come into notice, however, when they have to contact employees and clients over long distances, then the camera inadequacies can stick out like a sore thumb and may end up affecting your business negatively.

Fortunately, the V330 comes with a modern-day 720p camera that can provide a terrific video-conferencing experience. Additionally, with Dolby’s stereo speakers and Skype’s dual-array digital microphone, you have the best audio and voice technology to pave the way for constructive discussions. There is also a shutter on the camera, so privacy-sensitive individuals can slide it to close their lens.

5. Security

Since this is a business laptop, the V330 comes with TPM (Trusted Platform Module), an integrated firmware. TPM works to encrypt your data and passwords. Active Protection System (APS) locks the hard drive when it detects a fall, protecting against data loss.

Final Thoughts

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