The Right Way to Reward Employees on Diwali

To improve the engagement level of your employees, you should consider rewarding them on cultural holidays. This is one of the smartest ways to retain employees for the long haul. With Diwali just around the corner, you can think about the rewards and gifts you should give to your employees. Merely going with sweets and gift baskets is not going to cut it. Don’t limit your employee recognition program to talks only. Instead, walk the talk and make them feel valued. Now is the ideal time to consider how you can separate yourself from other companies in terms of employee incentives and how to think out of the box.

Time and again, studies and surveys reveal that when the management offers rewards and gifts to their employees, it has a largely positive impact on their psychological frame of mind. Many businesses in India have leveraged this strategy tactfully to enhance employee productivity and retention.

So what is the best form of gift?

This is a technological world – it makes sense to offer tech tools and devices. Thus, you can give laptops, desktops, workstations, printers, and other items based on their jobs. For instance, those who perform administrative work would really love a brand-new multifunctional printer. Similarly, a game designer would love a workstation that could meet the rigours of their intensive graphical computing.

Saving the Best for the Best

You can use Diwali as an opportunity to motivate the silent high-achievers at your office. This is a rare group of employees that is present in both private and public organizations in India. Their performance is better than others, they prove to be life-savers in crunch times by saving the most crucial of clients, and become a role model of commitment and hard work in the organization. However, it often turns out that these employees don’t receive enough credit, incentives, and raises.

As a result, they feel disgruntled and end up quitting their jobs. Therefore, you must not plan the same employee benefits for them as you do for your other employees. Otherwise, they would feel dissatisfied and may lose the spark that is acting as the fuel of your company’s success.

Reward them with the best products. For instance, you can give them a commercial display, which provides high-quality visuals. In this way, they can make their point better while presenting their ideas and output to your clients. Similarly, you should offer a business laptop that provides high performance and does not break easily. To do this, you can go for one of the most durable series out there: the ThinkPad.

When you reserve the best for your crème-de-la-crème employees, you kill two birds with one stone. Firstly, you convey your respect and gratitude towards them and ensure that they feel valued. Secondly, you promote a work culture in which productive employees will get rightful credit and incentives.

To learn more on how you can create an attractive employee recognition program for Diwali, contact Corpkart. At present, we are helping several other Indian businesses in choosing suitable gifts for their employees.