Smart October – Discounts for All Types of Businesses

How is October going for you? As a key executive in your organization, if you have been tasked to ramp up the IT output in your business, then you have come to the right place.

You can procure affordable hardware at affordable prices to improve productivity in your workplace. If you were just contemplating your IT procurement strategy, there is a never better time than now, because Corpkart has come out with guns blazing.

In this October, Corpkart revealed hot deals on multiple laptops and desktops. Get them now before they become pricier again.

Hot Deals

Following are some of the businesses in India, who can particularly gain advantage from Corpkart.


Modern-day Indian startups cannot function with IT infrastructures powering their engines. Startups are shrewd; they have the awareness to avoid legacy solutions and use the latest technologies to kick-start their business. However, they struggle on the practical front. Consult with Corpkart so we can go through the roadblocks that are currently faced by your business, and recommend a cost-effective solution. For instance, if you need robust and cost-friendly servers for your app’s back-end, our ThinkStation P330 is formidable enough – throw any computing-intensive task on it.

SMEs (Small and Medium Businesses)

Corpkart is well aware of the dilemmas that have stifled up established SMEs. These businesses have to keep an eye for scalability and must upgrade their IT infrastructure over time. Their dilemma is that they have to compete with much larger businesses, without having the same budget flexibility. Therefore, it is critical that they have someone like Corpkart who can procure powerful machines for them at special discounts. What truly makes Corpkart better than others is that it studies their business models and can recommend practical solutions for the business processes in all the departments.

What Corpkart does is that it builds a customer profile for SMEs and shares it with major OEMs. Negotiations are held with these OEMs, and unique configurations and discount prices is decided on large ticket items. Keep in mind that you cannot get the same discounts if you go for a run-off-the-mill IT hardware provider.

Large Enterprises

The larger the business, the more complex issues they have to struggle with. Such ventures have a massive user base, and therefore, they need the absolute best hardware to handle their traffic. For this purpose, Corpkart’s Dell & Lenovo offering is a fantastic investment.


If you are looking for an integrated approach that can address both your software and hardware needs, customized according to your business, go for SubscribeIT. By availing this package, you can unlock a whole new level of discount on desktops, notebooks, macs, and tablets, from all the major vendors.

You can also get your hands on MS Office, Google Apps, Windows, Dropbox, and Jira. Relevant modules from these software would be integrated into your systems to lay the foundation of a user-friendly, quick, and efficient workplace.

Hot Deals