SubscribeIT Infrastructure is Better than Buying – Here’s Why

It was not too long ago that businesses used to purchase the software outright and it was theirs to keep forever. However, now many software vendors, such as Adobe and Microsoft, are offering businesses an opportunity to rent the software instead of buying them outright. It is now easy for business customers to meet the demands of their end-user computing needs with a subscription model that is not only flexible but also efficient and scalable. IT infrastructure services are available on subscription and this has been a turning point for many businesses, big and small.

What is Subscription Based IT Infrastructure?

Subscription-based IT infrastructure relates to a monthly or annual licensing for the infrastructure that allows users to pay a fee for a certain time period. It typically involves the payment of an initial subscription fee after which they are then entitled to use the IT infrastructure during the subscription term. The payment for subscription-based IT infrastructure typically includes access to support services, licensing, and the new version of the IT infrastructure as they are released.

Benefits of SubscribeIT Infrastructure

Here are the advantages of SubscribeIT infrastructure that can help make your business more resourceful.


With SubscribeIT infrastructure, you will be able to lower the overall IT costs of your business. The inherent efficiencies in financing, management and specialized procurement will make your business much more competitive due to its efficiency. The SubscribeIT team is focused on providing state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.


There is no need for upfront IT infrastructure when there is a per user or per device subscription model. Business opportunities are easier to access by the customers with a truly scalable IT infrastructure without any major initial investments, which will help save money for other important business endeavours.


At SubscribeIT, there is a large pool of customers, as well as installed IT devices. This allows for flexible options and terms to be offered to the customers without them having to incur any attendant costs. This makes it even more cost-effective as you will only be paying for what you are using.

Whether you are looking for hardware as a service, IT infrastructure services or rent IT solutions, SubscribeIT from Corpkart is one solution where you will find it all. Another major benefit of IT infrastructure services is that it allows the leadership to shift their focus towards more important business decision and will not have to worry about IT as it will be well-managed through SubscribeIT. The lower costs of operations also reflect in the now better financial statements. The business is also able to address the external opportunities and challenges when the IT resources are scalable and flexible.

If you are not sure whether to rent IT solutions or SubscribeIT, read the advantages of subscription-based IT services and you will be able to make the correct decision.