Tips on Starting a Business without Huge Infrastructure Overheads

During the first few years of launching a business in India, you’re likely to incur several overheads and make minimal profits. Maybe, your business is going well but you want to “pay less for more.” Regardless of your current business state, you can employ the following cost-cutting measures to reduce your infrastructure overheads.

1. Buy in Bulk

What can you do as a shopper to save money for a product during grocery shopping? Buy in bulk! Similarly, you can purchase laptops, desktops, and other IT equipment in bulk, particularly when they come with deals. In this way, you can greatly minimize your IT expenses.

2. Consider Strategic Outsourcing

Strategically outsourcing your business functions is a common and effective solution to drive down the operational overheads. It will not only facilitate your business to achieve efficiency, but it can also decrease payroll expenses. Outsourcing ensures that you do not have to manage the complicated aspects of your business like whether you need to go for a tower server or rack server for your IT systems. Instead, you can focus more on how to generate revenue for your business and focus on your primary business operations.

While considering outsourcing, the key is to determine what service you need to outsource. For instance, businesses often outsource their notary and signing services as it is easy and cheaper to outsource them rather than spend money on an in-house unit. Businesses around the globe have started outsourcing their IT hardware as a service, you can now SubscribeIT and dust away from your concerns from managing the whole infrastructure yourselves.

3. Buy the Relevant Hardware

Today, the availability of low-cost hardware has allowed businesses to save up on money. Those procedures and tasks that were once performed manually are now completely automated. For example, human resources technology can facilitate Indian businesses to save a considerable amount of money. According to PeopleStrong, a leading Indian HR outsourcing firm, India Inc. can save around $600 million in the next few years if they opt to implement HR technologies to manage their employees. A survey illustrates the fact that Indian businesses spend as much as $500 million to manage their full-time employees.

India is one of the biggest consumers of paper. According to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, the Indian paper industry is estimated to grow from 20.37 million tonnes in 2017-2018 to 25 million tonnes in 2019-2020. If they can invest in IT equipment, it can help them to save paper and go green.. Additionally, eliminating paper can also help you tone down postage expenses.

4. Choose the Right Vendor

Picking the right vendor can greatly reduce your overall costs. Sometimes, businesses have to pay excessive costs when they need to deploy extra pieces of hardware in order to deal with the “what if” scenarios. However, when you pick the right vendor, you can decrease these overrun costs as you are certain that you will be serviced in the time of need.

How Can Corpkart Help You?

In order to mobilize your business and minimize your costs, talk to us! Corpkart offers a one-of-its-kind business model that can facilitate businesses of all types in addressing their computing requirements, improving their productivity, and reducing their infrastructure overheads.

Regardless of your industry, Corpkart can provide you with the required IT consultancy, security solutions and hardware for all your IT procurement requirements.