Upgrade Your Dell Warranties Before 28th October!

Dell’s NBD Service

If your business invests in Dell products, you can take advantage of Dell’s NBD (Next Business Day) On-site Service. It is a highly convenient support service that is initiated right from the date of delivery to make sure that customers don’t have to worry about the maintenance of their products.

If any of your Dell systems are affected by a fault, Dell’s NBD Service is going to make sure that a reliable service technician is dispatched for your premises. Keep in mind that this service can be availed only if; you purchase Dimension, Precision, and Optiplex systems from Dell. To verify the length of your service, check the invoice. When the warranty ends, you would be charged separately.

Support Procedures

Dell provides the following four support services along with an on-site professional when needed.

  • After your system is delivered, Dell provides a telephone support program which lasts for 30 days. During this period, you don’t have to pay for configuration, installation optimization, and limited usage questions. Since businesses require much assistance in the early days of their hardware installation, this package is beneficial and helps companies to stabilize their IT operations. You can take advantage of this program on factory-installed applications and operating systems.

  • The standard support site of Dell offers on-line help for downloads, problem diagnostic tools, and troubleshooting information.

  • A telephone technical support service is offered to all buyers so they can resolve issues on the hardware, OS, and software of their equipment. For instance, businesses can contact this service if their system drivers are not working correctly.

  • NBD On-site Service provides coverage to replace or repair parts in the unit, which can include a mouse, keyboard, and monitor. Labor expenses are also covered in this service.

If you have Dell Optiplex systems, you can upgrade warranty from 3 years NBD service to 5 years in only INR 1199 (previously, this used to cost INR 2900). Since this service is available till 28th October 2019, you have to move and avail of the service as soon as you can.

Why Upgrade the Warranty of Dell Latitude Laptops?

If you manage a small business, Dell’s Latitude series can serve you well. This series is optimized to assist the new generation workforce. As a result, these laptops provide excellent value for money in terms of flexibility, mobility, security, and performance.

Like other business laptops, Dell’s Latitude series can develop a fault over time. To make sure your laptop maintenance is not costly, you can upgrade your warranty from 3 years to 5 years in INR 3900. However, Corpkart has come up with a fantastic discount in which you can upgrade your warranty in just INR 1990. This offer is only valid till 28 October 2019, so move fast and upgrade your systems. In this way, you can cut down your warranty expenses by half.

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