Corpkart Quality Service Supply and Fulfillment for SMBs

Selling to consumers and other businesses are two completely different ballparks. While the former is price sensitive, the latter is time-sensitive. The sale cycle for B2B models is dramatically different from those for B2C models. In B2C dealings, the consumer decides they want to buy a product, places an order, and the company fulfils the request with relative ease, providing all the associated customer services where applicable.

In contrast, the B2B business model is much more complicated. Although securing a good deal on pricing is fairly important, it doesn’t take as much priority. The reason is that changing hardware for companies, especially businesses with online processes that can’t absorb the cost of downtimes brings their operating cycle down to a grinding halt.

It isn’t as simple as swapping out an old graphics card for a new one or installing a new version of the software, far from it. The entire ecosystem of the business has to be fine-tuned and upgraded to make sure it complies with the latest hardware changes.

As a result, business contracts are seldom linear and have several layers of complexities to them; these include:

  • Being able to provide large-scale deployment of new computer hardware on the premises in a relatively short period to minimize downtime
  • Getting the new systems installed and working for the teams
  • Assign the teams in software acquisition, cloud strategy, and backup plans
  • Helping the clients migrate data from older hardware to new setups without hiccups
  • Providing a fully fleshed out IT support to businesses during the entire period of contracts running in months and years.

For most businesses, both big and small, getting timely support from vendors is their most significant pain point. The problems companies face are far more complex than those faced by consumers. Businesses often seek solutions that reduce operating costs and revenue preference. Most of these solutions are technology-oriented and will require quite a bit of time to get properly implemented.

In fact, McKinsey & Company’s 2016 Key Account Survey found that larger organizations place more emphasis on service and support well above the price of the hardware.

There are Many Buyers

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face when acquiring new hardware is the issue of multiple decision-makers, each having their own idea on how to solve an existing problem that often conflicts with one another. To minimize conflict and speed up the process of hardware acquisition, companies often set up committees so that all the stakeholders can arrive at a decision. As a result, the average buying cycle is much longer in B2B than in B2C. Companies that want to secure sales will have to exercise caution and patience while resisting the temptation to rush the order.

How Corpkart Helps

Corpkart addresses critical business issues facing SMBs and large enterprises alike. We think about essential problems of business that they must solve while executing computer hardware and software solutions and customize our services to facilities their specific circumstances.

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