Large Enterprise

Large Enterprise

Large Enterprise

At Corpkart, we help large enterprises manage the ever-increasing cost of IT procurement strategically and smartly. We help our customers explore, procure, upgrade, sell or dispose of their IT products. Simply put, with us you can ask us to take away your End of Life installations, find the best IT products from leading OEMs to integrate into your business at competitive prices, and then exchange or upgrade these for the new options. We can manage different stages of your IT product life-cycle extending technical expertise, commercial understanding and financing abilities.

Here are the many ways we can help:

Refresh IT assets

Upgrade IT Cost-Effectively and Responsibly

If you’re looking for ways to keep your IT infrastructure updated and costs low, then allow us to refresh your IT assets for profit. Sell your old IT products to us and we’ll provide you monetary quotes, exchange offers or upgrades quotes for new products. We have certified processes to manage data destruction to comply to most prevailing standards and approved facilities for End of Life electronic waste disposal. We can also refurbish your old equipment and arrange to donate it to suitable charitable recipients in line with your CSR plans.

Special Pricing

Business Only Pricing

We provide you business only pricing which is specific to your company. We work with leading tech OEMs to create specific offers for you which reflects your size and potential as a large business customer. We work with these OEMs as authorised partners and our sales and technical experts have requisite certifications to support your business,

Financing Options

We Facilitate Capital Allocation Decisions

We help CFOs and CEOs make capital allocation decisions. You can choose whether your IT infrastructure stays as an investment on your Balance sheet or you would better have this as an expense line on the P&L.

We facilitate buying decisions with extended credit terms, provide various operating and financial lease structures for IT equipment leasing and easy short term and long term rental options for pure 'pay as you go' situation. We also support these financing structures with warranty management, annual maintenance contracts, End of Lease management, End of Life buyback and pre-agreed upgrade options.

Superior Support

Excellent Support Services

Spend your time building strategies for business success while our dedicated account manager manages your IT procurement account on your behalf, lining up options, arranging demonstrations and bake ups, managing logistics and presenting financing comparisons. Our specialists are familiar with best practices in different sectors and they have access to right resources to provide relevant information to you.

Product Life Cycle Management

Manage IT Product Life-Cycle Efficiently

Managing IT life-cycle is often a challenge for large enterprises with scattered operations and multiple systems from varied sources. This is where our product life-cycle management services can be of your great use. Corpkart business account management tool which is available to our large customers enables you to list and track your IT assets, manage product warranty. and plan technology upgrades. We can provide real-time buyback quotes to facilitate your IT lifecycle related decisions. Various studies indicate that an effective warranty management program for business equipment can lead to savings in excess of 20% in deployment costs.

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