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Enhancing Your ELearning Experience With IT Products From Corpkart

Many academic institutions shut down in the weeks following the outbreak of Coronavirus. This extreme measure is taken to protect the safety of teachers, professors, and students in the early days of the crisis. However, we now know that these pandemic conditions are expected to last for the foreseeable future.

Some schools started planning to resume classes with the help of social distancing measures after the summer holidays. However, many educational institutions have adapted to these new conditions by offering their courses through eLearning tools.

What is eLearning?

eLearning refers to the learning practices that are conducted through electronic media. This form of teaching has been used for decades, but it has gained widespread popularity during the Coronavirus pandemic.

eLearning courses have evolved to include real-time lessons through video conferences, online quizzes, and interactive software with sharing capabilities.

Modern eLearning resources have allowed education to continue on a mass scale during the pandemic. However, students need to have access to eLearning-capable technology if they wish to receive a quality learning experience.

Why do students need quality eLearning devices?

Many students are currently accessing eLearning courses using mobile phones and older computers. These devices tend to offer sub-par eLearning experiences due to their hardware limitations and outdated operating systems. Parents should ensure that their children have access to quality electronic devices if they wish to receive the best possible eLearning experience.

Corpkart offers many branded laptops and tablets that support eLearning tools. These laptops & tablet devices are equipped with high-quality cameras that can record and/or broadcast high-definition videos to your classroom and back. They also feature CPUs with plenty of RAM to make multitasking easier and more efficient.

It is important for eLearning devices to support multitasking capabilities because students often take down notes on word processors and work on spreadsheets as they are watching video lessons. Students with older devices may not be able to keep up with their lessons as well as their peers who have access to newer and more powerful tools.

The eLearning process is also heavily reliant on your device’s internet capabilities. Older computers and mobile phones often feature obsolete network cards and WiFi chips that tend to limit the quality of your eLearning experience. Students should replace these devices with modern laptops and tablet to ensure that their eLearning experience is smooth and seamless.

At Corpkart we believe parents should never compromise on the quality of their children’s education. We offer multiple payment options that make it easier for families to access quality eLearning-ready devices. These options include Easy EMI, bank transfers, and e-wallet payments.

So catch up on your education or learn a new skill during the pandemic by investing in one of these great laptops and tablets from Corpkart. These devices are sure to enhance your learning experience and make it as enjoyable as attending a lesson in an actual classroom.


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