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3 Ways to Make Your Work-From-Home Experience More Comfortable

Millions of employees across the globe have begun working from home over the past few months. This practice was initially implemented as a temporary measure due to the current crisis; however, many businesses have become accustomed to this new arrangement and are planning to continue with it for the foreseeable future. While working from home offers many benefits for employees, many would agree that the practice can be a literal pain in the neck. After all, most homes don’t feature items or equipment suited for working for extended periods. So here are some tips to make your experience working from home more comfortable.

Improve your seating

Most employees have no problem working for multiple hours in a row at the office. However, the same employees may struggle to work comfortably for more than an hour at a time when they are working from home. This is because the chairs typically used in homes aren’t meant for seating people for extended periods of time. By contrast, office chairs are specifically designed to support your body comfortably for long stretches of time. As a result, many employees who are working from home tend to develop shoulder and neck pain from using ordinary chairs as office chairs. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive office chair for your home, you can find ways to make your existing chair a bit more comfortable to sit on. Some of these ways include:
  • Placing a pillow up against the backrest or on your seat to provide additional support.
  • Using a neck pillow for head and neck support if your chair doesn’t have a headrest.

Set up a workstation in a separate room

As the current crisis persists, many WFH employees are finding it harder to separate their work from their personal time at home. This is bound to happen when you set up your workstation in a room or spot that you normally use for relaxation purposes. This problem can be averted by setting up your workstation in a separate room that is dedicated to working activities. With this arrangement, employees can then feel as though they are truly separated from work activities when they are relaxing outside their “work” room. This is generally a good practice for combatting the mental health problems that arise from poor work-life balance.

Getting office equipment to make work activities easier

Remote working software has come a long way to make working from home easier than ever. However, some employee activities can still be difficult to carry at home out without the right equipment. Many people still don’t have printers or scanners in their homes. As a result, these employees have to venture outside to perform any printing or scanning activities. This can be dangerous during the current crisis, so it’s better to purchase affordable printer scanners from Corpkart for your home. Similarly, employees may find that their work performance is much slower when they are working on their small laptop screens at home. Studies have found that employees can complete certain tasks faster by using larger displays. Corpkart offers many workstations with 19.5-inch monitors that are ideal for completing office work efficiently. These are just a few of the many ways to make your work-from-home experience more comfortable. If you want to add more WFH-friendly equipment to your home, check out the rest of the products available on Corpkart’s website.

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